'Bruises, Cake, & Cigarettes' wrapped post-production just in time to submit to the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival (2012), where it made its World Premier.  The idea for the film stemmed from something as simple as a Facebook status update, (which quickly became the title for the film) by the lead actress, Lysandre Coutu-SauvĂ©.  This inspired Mariana Ivana to write the script, which has since turned into a trilogy called '& Cigarettes'; a series of films with Berlin as their setting.  Mariana is currently writing the second installment, a feature length screenplay.

The stories within the films are 'slices of life'... what and how much can happen in a night... in 24 hours... find the characters at very extreme points in their life and are expressed in a very raw, and visual way.  Part 1 is more of a teaser of what is to come in the next two installments of
 '& Cigarettes'.

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